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    Fortified pedestrian barriers in zones where a great deal of manoeuvering takes place in traffic zones

    HP Plus Ice Flex

    HP Plus

    The HP Plus handrails are the strongest version of the FLEX IMPACT® handrails. By adding a third extra horizontal rail and heavier posts, we want to focus on separating and shielding pedestrians from high-risk traffic zones where constant heavy manoeuvering takes place.


    Robust safety gate with high impact resistance

    This robust handrail provides high impact resistance and flexibility. The HP Plus is able to absorb crashes with heavier vehicles and guarantee the safety of passing pedestrians. They are useful for situations on the public roads, at wharves, as well as on company sites where there is constant circulation of forklifts, pallet trucks, Clark lifters and other heavy vehicles.

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    Flex Impact Handrail HP Plus
Projects with HP Plus
Pedestrian walkways protection

Producer of healthcare products

For Kimberly Clark we installed pedestrian impact barriers and handrails across all facilities Safeguarding their staff and vechicles from accidents.

Safeguarding machines


Lawter is a leading global supplier of specialty and standard resins, vehicles, wax emulsions, additives and varnishes for the graphic arts industry. They contacted Boplan in order to protect pedestrians from traffic zones and impact into the crucial production machinery.

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