Safety solutions for every industry

As a leading provider of safety solutions, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality and durable equipment designed to protect people, vehicles, and infrastructure in various industries as diverse as transportation and logistics, packagingmanufacturing, airport, (petro)chemical and food processing. Whether you're looking for industrial safety barriers, protective bollards or safety gates, you've come to the right place. Explore the possibilities and discover how Boplan can help improve safety and efficiency in your specific industry or application.

Warehousing, transport & logistics

Safety solutions for transport and logistics

At Boplan, we provide customized safety solutions for the warehousing, transportation and logistics industries. Our range of robust safety products, including the FLEX IMPACT® range, ensures the protection of racking systems and machinery in warehouses. With our solutions, you can minimize accidents and prevent infrastructure damage. For transportation and logistics applications, our FLEX IMPACT® bollards, handrails, safety gates provide exceptional protection for loading docks, access points and pedestrian walkways. Our safety solutions are constructed of durable materials that ensure long-term performance even in demanding environments. By implementing our innovative products, you can create a safer work environment, improve operational efficiency, and protect valuable assets.

Boplan FLEX IMPACT® DOCK GATE FORCE as a safety solution for warehousing, transport and logistics

Machines, factories and production halls

Safety solutions for production halls

Boplan's expertise in safety measures for large machinery and conveyors, as well as physical barriers around high-risk hazard areas, sets us apart as an industry leader in providing reliable protection. Our polymer FLEX IMPACT® range is specifically designed to protect against collisions and impacts in these critical areas.

In machinery and manufacturing facilities, our safety barriers and handrails provide an effective means of separating pedestrian and vehicular traffic, reducing the likelihood of accidents and optimizing workflow efficiency. These barriers are constructed of durable polymer materials that can withstand the rigors of industrial environments. In addition, our safety gates provide secure access control to restricted areas within the factory or production hall.

Boplan FLEX IMPACT® FLIP 180M as a safety solution for machines, factories and production halls
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO IMPACT as a safety solution for supply chain, distribution and packaging

Safety solutions for supply chain, distribution and packaging

In the fast-paced world of supply chain, distribution, and packaging, prioritizing safety is crucial. We provide comprehensive safety solutions for these industries. When it comes to the supply chain, our innovative safety barriers and handrails provide robust protection for conveyor systems, machinery and personnel. These solutions effectively mitigate the risk of collisions and provide clear separation between pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In distribution centers, our FLEX IMPACT® bollards and safety gates are meticulously designed to enhance safety during loading and unloading operations. These solutions create visible and physical barriers that prevent accidental collisions and protect personnel and equipment from potential hazards. For packaging areas, our durable safety solutions offer reliable protection for workers and equipment. Our safety barriers shield vulnerable areas, reducing the risk of damage from forklift collisions and optimizing workflow efficiency.

Boplan FLEX IMPACT® TB SUPER TRIPLE as a safety solution for airports

Safety solutions for airports

Boplan's FLEX IMPACT® polymer safety solutions are designed to meet the unique challenges of airports. Efficient management of pedestrian and vehicular traffic is crucial in airports. With our innovative safety barriers and handrails, we create clear paths and separation between pedestrians and vehicles, significantly reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety. Our impact-resistant barriers play a vital role in protecting infrastructure and equipment from potential collisions. By absorbing and dissipating impact forces, our solutions help prevent damage and disruption to airport operations, ensuring a smooth and safe environment. In addition, our solutions are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliability and durability. Partnering with Boplan means prioritizing safety in airports, reducing accidents, and optimizing operational efficiency.

Safety solutions for the petrochemical and chemical industry

Fall and impact protection is crucial in petrochemical and chemical facilities, and our safety products are specifically designed to withstand chemicals. In these extremely demanding environments, where toxic substances are often used, our range of safety barriers, handrails, safety gates and other protective systems provide effective segregation, guide pedestrian and vehicular traffic and prevent accidents.

In addition to chemical resistance, our safety products are designed to meet other environmental challenges in the industry. For offshore drilling platforms, where high-saline and corrosive environments are prevalent, our highly weather-resistant safety solutions stand out. The polymers used in our products can withstand harsh offshore conditions, ensuring reliable performance and enhanced worker safety.

Axes Gate
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® KP PROTECTOR ICE FLEX® as a safety solution for the (frozen) food industry

Safety solutions for the food industry

Hygiene is crucial in the food industry, and our smooth, easy-to-clean safety products maintain high standards of cleanliness while providing durable protection. These products meet the stringent industry standards while resisting corrosion, chemicals, and frequent washdowns, making them ideal for use in food production areas.

To meet the specific needs of freezer environments, we have developed the ICE FLEX® range. These safety products are designed to withstand temperatures as low as -22°F while providing rugged protection. From safety barriers to handrails, rack protection, corner protection and kick rails, the ICE FLEX® range ensures safety in cold storage areas and freezers without compromising functionality.