Movable barriers

Our FLEX IMPACT® movable barriers provide optimum safety and visibility in locations where forklifts, trucks, bulldozers, and other vehicles maneuver. Made of impact-absorbing polymer and in a striking yellow color, they effectively signal obstacles and indicate the direction of travel. Easy to install and move, they are durable and weatherproof. The design with rounded shapes minimizes the risk of injury. UV-resistant, non-conductive, and resistant to most chemicals, these movable barriers are a reliable solution for safe and efficient traffic flows.

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Render of a yellow SAFETY TOTEM - Corner protection on a white background
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® SAFETY TOTEM in a live setting - Corner protection
Flex Impact
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Our FLEX IMPACT® SAFETY TOTEM provides effective protection by signaling obstacles in areas where forklifts, trucks, bulldozers, or other ...

Boplan FLEX IMPACT® SAFETY TOTEM in a live setting - Corner protection

A mobile solution that you can deploy quickly

They are easy to place and move. This makes them usable anywhere. You can weigh them down with water or sand for extra stability, which will keep them firmly in place. Even in the most challenging conditions. Special cut-outs allow you to move them quickly and easily with forklifts and pallet trucks. Furthermore, the robust design is durable and weatherproof. This ensures their long-term usability both indoors and outdoors. 

Striking appearance

Movable barriers like the SAFETY TOTEM are ideal for signalling obstacles and indicating driving directions. They alert workers and drivers of vehicles such as forklifts, trucks, and bulldozers to potential hazards in good time. With their striking yellow color and flexible deployment, they help organize safe traffic flows in locations where traffic conditions change frequently and rapidly. This reduces the risk of accidents. 

A reliable and indispensable safety solution

Safety is paramount in the design of the movable barriers. The rounded shapes prevent injuries to workers and damage to vehicles. Moreover, the polymer cones are 100% UV-resistant, non-conductive, and resistant to most chemicals. This adds to their durability and versatility in different environments. As such, our movable barriers are a reliable and indispensable solution to ensure safety on your premises.