Axes gate

The AXES GATE is an industrial safety gate for fall prevention or safe machine access that surpasses safety, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness expectations.

AXES GATES have been utilized globally for 20 years in the most demanding environments, including the chemical industry and offshore drilling rigs. They are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions, extremely salty environments, and highly corrosive chemicals. The safety gate's design, composition, and features make it ideal for any application in any industry.

The AXES GATE is constructed from Boplan High Impact Thermoplastic Engineered Polymer (HI-TEP) and boasts an unparalleled service life. The hinge has been tested for more than 150,000 cycles. This equates to opening and closing the gate 20 times a day for 20 years. Thanks to our innovative design, installation is simple and requires minimal tools and effort. The AXES GATE opens in both directions and can be easily adjusted to the desired size.

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TÜV Nord certificate
Render of a yellow DOUBLE AXES GATE - Safety gate on a white background
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® DOUBLE AXES GATE in a live setting - Safety gate
Axes Gate
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Falling from heights is a real risk in industrial environments. The DOUBLE AXES GATE securely closes openings and prevents falls.

TÜV Nord certificate
Boplan label for new products
Render of a yellow SINGLE AXES GATE - Safety gate on a white background
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® SINGLE AXES GATE in a live setting - Safety gate
Axes Gate
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The SINGLE AXES GATE is a robust industrial safety gate that restricts access to hazardous zones and machinery on the first floor.

Axes gate

Safety is our highest priority

Safety is our highest priority. This commitment is evident in every aspect of our design, from the bright yellow color for optimal visibility to the rounded edges to prevent pinching or injury. The AXES GATE sets the highest safety standards, complies with DIN, ISO, and OSHA regulations, and is TÜV certified.

The world’s first safety gate built from 100% recyclable polymer

The AXES GATE is built entirely from a polymer specially developed by Boplan (HI-TEP). This recyclable material represents a major advancement in sustainability. It eliminates the need for toxic 2-component PU adhesive used in traditional safety gates.

Render of a yellow Boplan Double AXES GATE
Boplan SINGLE AXES GATE in a live setting - Safety gate



Our AXES GATE series industrial gates are the result of valuable feedback, technical expertise, and customer satisfaction Boplan has cultivated over the past 20 years.

  • Self-closing gravity hinge

  • Chemical and UV radiation resistant

  • Flame retardant

  • Exceptionally long service life

  • Cost effective

  • Superior visibility

Axes Gate


  • Maintenance free

  • No sharp edges, ensuring finger safety

  • Easy to install

  • Fully recyclable

  • Isocyanate-free

In summary, if you need a safety gate with an exceptionally long service life, user-friendly design, and eco-friendly materials, the AXES GATE is your best choice.

Boplan DOUBLE AXES GATE in a live setting - Safety gate


What is a safety gate?

Safety gates are systems designed to protect employees and visitors. These gates shield machinery and prevent people from accidental access to dangerous or restricted areas. They are almost always combined with safety solutions like safety barriers and handrails. Safety gates make people more aware of hazards and keep them safe.

What types of safety gates does Boplan offer?

The Boplan FLEX IMPACT® line features various types of safety gates: