We are proud to be a leading supplier of innovative safety solutions for industrial environments. At Boplan, we combine cutting-edge technology, safety expertise, and a customer-focused approach to deliver quality products. This way, we ensure maximum protection and peace of mind.

Picture of the Boplan Headquarters in Belgium
Image of a robotic arm working in the Boplan production hall


For more than 25 years, Boplan has continuously evolved and adapted to the changing landscape of industrial safety. We have honed our expertise and refined our product range to meet the ever-increasing demands of various sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing. 


We have experienced remarkable growth and expanded our global operations to more than 80 countries. Our commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement has been instrumental to our success. We have entered into partnerships with market leaders and collaborated on major projects. This has allowed us to earn the trust of countless organizations around the world.


Our mission is to design, develop and manufacture superior safety products that prevent accidents, protect assets, and save lives. We deliver solutions that exceed expectations and meet our clients' specific safety needs. Our company wants to set the standard in terms of impact absorption. We will push the technological boundaries to guarantee optimal protection for people, equipment, and infrastructure.


Our vision is to create a safer working environment for industries all over the world by providing robust and reliable safety solutions. We aim to be the global leader in industrial safety by setting new standards for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Driven by our passion for safety and our commitment to excellence, we will make a difference in everything we do. Our goal is a safer world in which businesses thrive and people feel safe.

Group photo of all Boplan employees

The Boplan family

At Boplan, we foster a culture of excellence, teamwork, and growth. Our team of dedicated professionals is passionate about industrial safety and making a positive impact. We encourage creativity, embrace diversity, and prioritize the well-being and safety of our employees. By creating a collaborative and inclusive environment, we empower our team to excel and deliver exceptional service.

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Render of a yellow TB 400 PLUS - safety barriers on a white background


Our extensive product range meets various safety challenges and hazards in industrial environments. From flexible safety barriers and handrails to bollards and column protection, our solutions withstand extreme conditions and deliver long-lasting performance. High-quality materials, advanced manufacturing techniques, and rigorous testing guarantee that our products meet the highest safety standards.

Whether you want to make pedestrian areas safe, separate traffic flows, protect machinery, or improve workplace safety, we have the right solution for you.