Tested and approved to comply with the highest safety standards

Before new Boplan safety products are launched, they undergo extensive testing. External and independent parties test the absorption capacity, strength and quality to ensure that Boplan crash protection meets the highest safety standards in various industries. After all, your safety is our top priority.

Photo of the Boplan R&D test lab
Photo of a Boplan R&D employee

Where innovation thrives

Boplan R&D

Boplan R&D is not your typical research and development team. We thrive on the strength of our complementary teams, constantly challenging and inspiring each other to create exceptional products. Our Innovation Team is the creative force behind our success, responsible for designing and redesigning products, introducing new innovations, and working directly with sales. Meanwhile, our Research Engineering & Development (RED) Team provides technical validation, manages intellectual property, and oversees certification and testing processes. 

With Boplan R&D, innovation knows no limits - we are rewriting the rules and shaping a future where the possibilities are endless. 

Illustration of the BOPLAN FLEX IMPACT®TB400 PLUS with a transition from a line drawing to a realistic render

The best of both worlds

Technical performance and attractive design

We firmly believe that safety doesn't have to be boring or unattractive. When it comes to design, we pay special attention to the functional aesthetics of our safety products. While others may consider it an afterthought, we at Boplan, strive to enhance the visual appeal of your workplace. We believe that safety systems can be seamlessly integrated with aesthetics, working hand in hand.

Our innovation process

From creative idea to installation

Our ideas are business driven, market driven or fit into our IP strategy. A selection of ideas are further developed with sketches, renderings, ... If an idea has real potential, we draw up a project charter to turn it into an R&D project and start building prototypes and testing them functionally. This concept phase is followed by the engineering phase. Here we work towards technical validation based on:

Feasibility tests

with in-house and in external accredited
laboratories according to ISO17025


Production tests

with in-house virtual and real-life simulations
and vehicle impact tests according to
PAS13:2017 & UNI/TS 11886-1

Industrial tests

to ensure process stability and quality

Illustration of 3-step plan for the Boplan innovation process

*Testing is performed under third party supervision (TÜV Nord) and is recognized with product certificates.

Photo of the Boplan R&D test lab



Our in-house testing facilities play a crucial role in driving continuous innovation and improvement. By replicating real-life scenarios and rigorously evaluating the performance of our safety products, we ensure the highest levels of reliability and effectiveness in your facility.

Indoor Test Lab

Our enclosed indoor testing lab is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Here, we have the ability to test at any time, regardless of weather conditions or external factors. This controlled environment allows us to create repeatable conditions, ensuring precise and accurate results. From varying floor conditions to impact angles, we meticulously recreate scenarios that our safety products may encounter in your specific facility.

Meet the beast

The centrepiece of our test facilities is The Beast - a true-to-life representation of your powered industrial vehicles operating at maximum speed in your space. Designed with variable mass capabilities ranging from 1300kg to 4300kg, The Beast can be tailored to the exact weight specifications of your trucks and forklifts. By fine-tuning the speed settings, we replicate collision scenarios at speeds ranging from 2km/h to 16km/h, mirroring real-world conditions with unmatched accuracy.

Advanced data collection

At Boplan, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to data collection and analysis. Our testing facilities are equipped with the latest technology, including onboard computers, lasers, and high-speed cameras. This advanced data collection system captures precise information that gives us invaluable insight into the performance of our safety solutions. It allows us to measure and analyze key metrics with the utmost precision, ensuring that every product we deliver meets the highest safety standards.

Illustration of the Boplan R&D test verhicle
Illustration of the BOPLAN FLEX IMPACT®TB400 PLUS in a industrial environment

crash protection

Market leader in safety standards

Our experience in crash testing has allowed us to develop specialized software that allows us to predict, through collision simulation, the behavior, load, impact, deflection, tension and a number of other parameters for each of our products. In order to incorporate all of this knowledge into our products, we work closely with renowned research companies and university research centers. Because of our expertise, we have been called upon as consultants to help establish safety standards in our industry.