Corner protection

Boplan's impact-resistant corner protectors are what you need to protect your most vulnerable walls and corners. Our corner protectors are part of our durable and versatile FLEX IMPACT® product range. These corner protectors are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, as well as strong, lightweight, easy to install, and highly effective. Our corner protectors are ideal for smaller, non-load-bearing columns as well as the vulnerable ends and corners of walls.

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Boplan FLEX IMPACT® CORNER PROTECTOR in a live setting - Corner protection
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Impact resistance:

The FLEX IMPACT® CP CORNER PROTECTOR is an impact-resistant corner protector for walls, partitions, etc.


What are corner protectors?

Corner protectors are a safety solution that prevent costly structural damage to corners. Corners are always vulnerable. Especially in warehouses, manufacturing plants, airports, and parking garages, where transport vehicles like forklifts and pallet trucks move around the interior.

Why should I install corner protectors in my workplace?

Here are the main reasons you should use corner protectors:

  • Corner protectors help prevent people from being injured by covering sharp edges and corners. In the event of a collision, they reduce the impact force, lowering the possibility of serious injury. 
  • Corner protectors prevent damage to equipment, machinery, and infrastructure, as well as to the vehicle itself. This helps prevent costly repairs and downtimes. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the useful life and productivity of machinery and infrastructure. 
  • Corner protectors are highly visible, provide space for signage, and increase awareness, and thus safety, on the shop floor. Their conspicuous presence can be enough to make people pay more attention and take the right precautions. This promotes a culture of safety in the workplace.