Safety is an absolute must when organizing sporting events. Providing suitable safeguards in locations where accidents might occur is crucial - for participants, employees, and spectators.

BOPLAN® SPORT safety solutions are specially designed for sporting events. For example, reusable bumpers can be placed at critical points on a course to protect participants, while audible and visual signals can be used to warn competitors about upcoming dangerous obstacles.

Protect cyclists
against crashes
Picture of the Boplan Race Barrier used in a cycling race to improve safety
Picture of the Boplan Sport catalogue with info on safety solutions for cycling races


Explore our product range with the new BOPLAN Sport catalog. This overview of our products will help you find the right solution for you in no time. Besides learning a lot about our products, you will also find interesting information like the test results for our Race Barriers.

Our catalog is available in English, Dutch, and French.

Product spread with an overview of all the Boplan cycling safety solutions
Photo of the Boplan Race Guard used in a cycling race to indicate changing race situations



The BOPLAN® RACE GUARD® is the ultimate solution for ensuring a safe, smooth race. With its striking design and innovative features, the RACE GUARD provides maximum safety and clear directions along the route.

Versatile and always ready

The versatility of the RACE GUARD® is demonstrated by how easily it is placed, handled, and removed along the route. Whether you need to block streets, indicate turns, or create safe passage for riders, the RACE GUARD® is always ready to point out places where the race changes.

Stand out, stand out, and stand out!

Our 360° signaling board with built-in LED strip steers riders in the right direction. All they have to do is stay focused on the race. Does the road curve or narrow ahead? The Race Guard is always there to warn riders ahead of time with its eye-catching signal light. 

Striking yellow and huge, at a height of 175 cm (5'8"), the Race Guard cannot be missed. Moreover, its pulsing LEDs make it extra visible in daylight, keeping riders aware of any hazards on the course.

In short, with the Race Guard by your side, you are guaranteed to have perfect, safe race so that everyone can focus on performing their best with minimal risk.

Photo of the Boplan Race Guard used in a cycling race to indicate changing race situations
Render of the Boplan Race Guard used in a cycling race to indicate changing race situations


  • Quick and easy to handle, place, and move along the route in order to indicate where the race changes
  • 360° arrow signs
  • Visual warning via pulsating LED that is plain to see during the day
  • Made of impact-absorbing polymer
  • Highly visible thanks to its striking yellow color and height of 5′8″
  • Can be weighed down with water or sand
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • Rounded, no protruding parts
  • Special recesses for forklifts or pallet trucks
  • Integrated lifting eye for easy placement
Picture of the Boplan Race Barrier used in a cycling race to secure a turn



The BOPLAN® RACE BARRIER® is designed to protect the finishing area at cycling races. These yellow polymer barriers are 4′7″ tall and keep riders and spectators safe at one of the most critical points of the race. Its 70° angle also keeps spectators at a safe selfie distance from the riders.

The RACE BARRIERS connect seamlessly using a tongue and groove system. They also feature long recesses for advertising panels. With folding legs and special forklift openings, putting these barriers into place is as easy as it gets.

Render of the Boplan Race Barrier with its specifications


  • Made entirely of impact-absorbing polymer
  • Height of 4′7″ and 70° angle for keeping spectators at a safe distance
  • Seamless setup via tongue and groove system
  • Easy to connect together
  • Recess for advertising
  • Can be weighed down
  • Folding legs
  • Stackable and easy to use
  • Special forklift openings
Picture of the Boplan Race Totem used in a cycling race to protect a traffic island



The BOPLAN® RACE TOTEM® was developed for hazardous areas along the route where signs are needed: traffic islands, speed bumps, intersections, bottlenecks, road narrowings, and dangerous obstacles like traffic signs and poles, street furniture, etc. It is often not enough, and could even be dangerous, to simply place race marshals in these areas, as there may be serious consequences such as participants and employees being injured.

The BOPLAN® RACE TOTEM® warns participants of obstacles ahead of time. In the event of an impact, the flexible polymer absorbs most of the force.

Render of the Boplan Race Totem with its specifications


  • Highly visible from a distance thanks to its striking yellow color, height of 7′9″, and top flashing light
  • Audible warning signal
  • Sign indicating which side riders must use to pass the obstacle
  • 180° protection around the obstacle
  • Can be weighed down for optimal stability
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Weather-resistant    
  • Impact-absorbing polymer
  • Rounded design to reduce the risk of injury in the event of impact
  • Features a GPS tracking system
Picture of the Boplan Race Bumper used in a cycling race to protect an obstacle



The BOPLAN® RACE BUMPERS® are a must for quickly ensuring effective protection in areas with trees, posts, fences, and other dangerous obstacles along the route. These impact-absorbing plastic bumpers indicate potential hazards and mitigate the effects of a potential impact.

Equipped with chains on the back, the RACE BUMPERS® can be attached quickly and easily. They also feature a special recess so that obstacles can be fully shielded.

Render of the Boplan Race Bumper with its specifications


  • Impact-absorbing
    If a rider hits a BOPLAN® RACE BUMPER®, it will absorb a significant amount of the force.
  • Quick installation
    You can easily attach the RACE BUMPER® to an obstacle using the chains provided. Easy to place and quick to remove!
  • Durable
    These bumpers are built to last and are virtually maintenance-free. You can use them for multiple races, then easily store them afterward. They are also 100% recyclable.
  • Weatherproof
    Just like the riders, our safety products perform in all weather conditions.
Picture of the Boplan Race Pillar used in a cycling race to extend an obstacle



The BOPLAN® RACE PILLAR® is designed to extend to the height of smaller street furniture. With its height of 180 cm (5'9") and striking yellow color, the RACE PILLAR® makes sure that riders quickly notice bollards, traffic signs, etc. The arrows also indicate the direction of the race.

Thanks to its adaptive design, you can easily place the RACE PILLAR® in front of an obstacle and then secure it with cable ties.

Render of the Boplan Race Pillar with its specifications


  • Made entirely of impact-absorbing polymer
  • Yellow for optimal visibility from great distances
  • Height of 180 cm (5'9") with specially adapted shape
  • Rounded shape, no sharp corners
  • Sign indicating which side riders must use to pass the obstacle
  • Quick and easy installation with cable ties
  • Durable and weatherproof
  • 100% recyclable
Picture of the Boplan Race Pad used in a cycling race to protect high obstacles



The BOPLAN® RACE PAD, with its 2" thick impact-absorbing foam layer, is the perfect solution for shielding tall obstacles along the course, such as trees, light poles, and traffic sign posts.

With its height of 5'9" and striking yellow color, the RACE PAD guarantees optimum visibility. The RACE PAD can also be set up quickly and held tightly in place with click buckles. The PVC cover is water- and UV-resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

Render of the Boplan Race Pad with its specifications


  • 2" thick impact-absorbing foam layer
  • Highly visible thanks to its contrasting color and height of 180 cm (5'9")
  • Buckles for a secure, tight fit
  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Water- and UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean
Logo of Flanders Classics as a Boplan Sport partner

We all agree that road cycling needs to be safer. As such, we applaud a company like Boplan that is taking action and investing in solutions that make our beloved sport safer.


Social Responsibility award for Boplan Sport

In 2021 Boplan was awarded the 'Social Responsibility' prize at the Awards, thanks to the our Boplan Race Barrier. A fantastic recognition for our company and another step in making the world of cycling safer.

The Race Barrier is specially designed for securing the finish zone of cycling races. Thanks to the yellow plastic (polymer) safety barriers 1 m 40 high, riders are optimally protected during one of the most critical phases of the race. Risks of serious injuries are minimized.

Comment from jury president De Munnik: "We were unanimous on this. A nice, solid, healthy and safe fencing of a cycling race, that's what cycling was waiting for. Just look at what happened to Dylan Groenewegen and Fabio Jakobsen. This makes cycling a lot safer."

Image of the award for Social Responsibility presented by BikeMotion
Picture of the Boplan Race Barrier used in a cycling race to improve safety