Choosing Boplan means choosing a high-performance, innovative, modular, low-maintenance, and extensively tested safety infrastructure. With our solutions, you can rest assured that you are investing in world-class protection that meets the highest standards for safety and performance.

Close-up of a Boplan FLEX IMPACT® TB 400 PLUS in a live setting - safety barriers
Boplan campaign image of a rally car hitting the ground with a force of 15kJ

High performance

Our high-performance safety solutions provide durable protection up to 50,000 joules. Our high-quality products meet your safety needs in the most demanding of environments.


Our modular systems make it easy for you to combine and customize your safety infrastructure. Our flexible solutions enable you to customize safety barriers, handrails, and other protective devices to your specific needs. Our modularity also enables you to modify and upgrade these devices in the future. This ensures long-term scalability and adaptability.


We pride ourselves on our innovation and embrace the latest advances in our industry. We use advanced technologies like Extrilene® in order to stay at the forefront of polymer safety solutions.

Illustration of the modularity of a Boplan guarding rail
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® GP GOAL POST 250 in a live setting - Height restrictor


We understand the importance of low maintenance. This is why we use high-quality materials and robust construction methods to minimize repair and maintenance costs. Choose our products to see lower costs and greater reliability, with safety infrastructure that remains effective for years to come.

Boplan FLEX IMPACT® RE RACK END in a live setting - Rack protection
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® FLIP 120M in a live setting - Kick rails

Tested to the limit… and beyond

Safety is our number one priority, and rigorous testing is an integral part of our process. We have our own test lab, and our products are tested by reputable organizations like the TÜV. This ensures that our products are reliable, durable, and capable of withstanding the most demanding conditions.