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Protect infrastructure against forklifts and pallet jacks

The FLEX IMPACT® KP PROTECTOR is a round column protection system designed to safeguard load-bearing pillars and columns with an H beam, in various industrial settings such as factories, warehouses, airports and parking garages. It consists of two easy-to-install parts that fit perfectly around columns, offering an attractive, versatile, and highly visible safety solution.

Made of flexible and unbreakable polyethylene, the KP PROTECTOR provides a layer of defense around vulnerable columns. It absorbs the impact of collisions, protecting both vehicles and structural elements. Air columns within the KP PROTECTOR release air at a controlled speed upon impact, maintaining resistance against impact forces while minimizing damage.

By reducing the force of impact, the KP PROTECTOR effectively reduces the risk of structural damage to columns, ensuring the integrity of industrial buildings. With a range of diameters and sizes available, these protectors can be tailored to fit any work environment.

Render of a yellow KP PROTECTOR - Column protection on a white background
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® KP PROTECTOR in a live setting - Column protection
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® KP PROTECTOR in a live setting - Column protection
  • Render of a yellow KP PROTECTOR - Column protection on a white background
  • Boplan FLEX IMPACT® KP PROTECTOR in a live setting - Column protection
  • Boplan FLEX IMPACT® KP PROTECTOR in a live setting - Column protection
Render of yellow and red KP PROTECTORS - Column protection on a white background

Maximum visibility

The KP PROTECTOR comes in an eye-catching yellow RAL 1003 (signal yellow), making it highly visible in any situation. The KP PROTECTORS with a height of 19.7 in are also available in red for use around columns or posts holding a fire extinguisher or hose reel. This makes the emergency equipment stand out while providing protection.


Easy to install and to be mounted on all sizes of columns, pillars and masts

Our KP PROTECTORS have two mounting options. This allows them to be mounted on different sized columns to provide maximum protection. By slightly rotating the angle of the KP PROTECTOR, different recesses are available to better fit your column. This feature maximizes the benefits of the KP PROTECTOR by ensuring a better fit to your column.

Optional KP Fixation Kit

Each KP PROTECTOR consists of two halves that are fitted around the post or column and secured with two or three Velcro® fasteners. For a more permanent fit, the two halves can also be locked together with an optional KP Fixation Kit. Once installed, the Velcro® ties cover the mounting holes for an attractive and finished look.

Picture that demonstrates the quick and easy installation of a Boplan FLEX IMPACT® KP PROTECTOR
Picture that illustrates the optiona padding foam for a Boplan FLEX IMPACT® KP PROTECTOR


Our KP PROTECTORS are available in different sizes to fit different needs. However, for smaller and non-standard sized columns, we offer this additional foam padding. This optional foam padding accessory provides additional shock absorbing properties and can be used to perfectly fit your KP PROTECTOR to smaller columns, pillars and masts. This high performance foam provides additional impact resistance and maximizes the effectiveness of your KP PROTECTOR in high-risk areas or where your columns are not standard size.

Optional extensions

The size of an H 1100 KP PROTECTOR can be extended by multiples of 4 in by adding a set of extensions. This is the ideal way to protect rectangular pillars. The extension snaps in between the two halves thanks to the stud and hole design (like Lego®).



The KP PROTECTOR is also available for use in freezing temperatures down to -22°F.

Boplan FLEX IMPACT® ICE FLEX KP PROTECTOR in a live setting - Column protection for cold storage
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Not only powerful, but sustainable as well

When you choose Boplan, you can be sure that you are not only investing in safety, but also contributing to a greener future, as we design our products to be durable, repairable and recyclable: 100% of the product weight of our KP PROTECTORS can be reused in existing recycling programs.