Safety products in a striking red for Quooker

Protect people and infrastructure against forklifts, pallet trucks and other vehicles

Quooker needed suitable safety solutions to protect the infrastructure and people of its new production hall and distribution centre from all kinds of risks. We installed protective products in a bold red colour there.

Segregation of different traffic flows


Various traffic flows in Quooker's production and distribution centre overlapped in several places. This resulted in unsafe situations. For example, people crossing or leaving pathways to get to where they need to be more quickly increase the risk of workplace accidents. Consequently, Quooker started looking for ways to segregate forklifts and pedestrians based on their type of activities. In doing so, they set the following requirements: the safety solutions had to be clearly visible, low maintenance and made of extremely impact-resistant materials. They found the safety protection that meets these requirements at Boplan.

Red Boplan BO IMPACT and HP PLUS in Quooker warehouse
Red Boplan BO IMPACT and HP PLUS in Quooker warehouse



We installed HP Plus handrails in several locations throughout the building. Their additional third horizontal rail and heavier posts are perfect for segregating and protecting pedestrians from forklift and pallet truck manoeuvres in high-risk areas. The rails feature a red luminescent or glow-in-the-dark strip that ensures good visibility even in low-light conditions.


We protected critical points from collisions with bollards. They instantly increase visibility, which encourages forklift operators to pay more attention to corners and edges on doors, for example. And even if they do crash into our safety barriers, they will not get damaged and regain their original shape.

Rack protection

We installed the RackEnd to protect the vulnerable ends of stacking racks. This rack protection prevents forklifts from hitting the corner of a stacking rack when entering an aisle. It is essential in a busy distribution centre.

Logo of Quooker as a Boplan reference

We are very satisfied with Boplan's handling of our safety concerns. Communication was always friendly, focused and transparent. We were able to rely on their sound support and the installation was very professional. We look forward to working with them again.

Red Boplan BO IMPACT and HP PLUS in Quooker warehouse

Eye-catching red

As a one-stop shop, Boplan was responsible for a variety of safety solutions from rack protection to bollards and handrails. At the start of this project, we conducted a safety assessment that identified the hazards and risks on the site. We used this safety assessment to offer the appropriate solutions. 

Quooker opted for red versions of our products because the colour red is highly visible and matches their corporate identity, in which red predominates.

Quooker building

About Quooker

Quooker has set the standard for boiling water taps since 1987. Since then, the Dutch company has expanded internationally and now operates in 13 other countries. Besides boiling water taps, they also specialise in soap dispensers, water filters and water softeners. The company was looking for the right safety products to protect the pedestrians and infrastructure at its corporate site. Boplan's safety products met all expectations. In fact, Quooker is already looking forward to working with Boplan again.. 

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