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A robust industrial safety gate designed for use on level ground

The SINGLE AXES GATE is a robust industrial safety gate designed to restrict access to hazardous zones and machinery on ground level. With its gravity closing mechanism, it leaves nothing to chance. It's not uncommon for a distracted or rushed employee to leave a gate open, which can lead to dangerous situations. The self-closing SINGLE AXES GATE makes this a thing of the past. During installation, you can choose whether the door opens to the left or right. The SINGLE AXES GATE is available in lengths from 500 mm to 1,130 mm to suit your needs.

Render of a yellow SINGLE AXES GATE - Safety gate on a white background
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® SINGLE AXES GATE in a live setting - Safety gate
  • Render of a yellow SINGLE AXES GATE - Safety gate on a white background
  • Boplan FLEX IMPACT® SINGLE AXES GATE in a live setting - Safety gate
Render of a yellow Boplan SINGLE AXES GATE combined with the Boplan FLEX IMPACT® TB 400 PLUS

Made of 100% recyclable polymer

The most sustainable safety gate in the world

The SINGLE AXES GATE is made entirely of our custom engineered polymer (HI-TEP). This infinitely reusable material represents a major step forward in sustainability - eliminating the use of toxic 2-component PU commonly found in traditional safety gates.

Designed for extreme conditions

  • Long-term durability
  • High chemical & UV resistance
  • Superior temperature and dimensional stability



Boplan's High Impact Thermoplastic Engineered Polymer (HI-TEP) is isocyanate-free. Its manufacturing process not only ensures cleaner and safer conditions for workers by reducing health risks and improving the working environment, but also simplifies safety protocols, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and socially responsible manufacturing process.

Render of a yellow Boplan SINGLE AXES GATE

Main features and benefits:

Chemical & UV resistant and fireproof

SINGLE AXES GATES have been used daily for the past 20 years in the harshest and most demanding environments worldwide, such as in the chemical industry and on offshore drilling platforms. They effortlessly withstand severe weather conditions, extremely salty environments and highly corrosive chemicals. The product’s design, composition and properties make it suitable for any application in any sector.

Extremely long lifetime

The SINGLE AXES GATE is constructed from High Impact Thermoplastic Engineered Polymer (HI-TEP) and stainless steel components that effectively prevent rust and corrosion. These materials not only maintain structural integrity but also simplify maintenance. The hinge has been tested and guaranteed for over 150,000 cycles. That is equivalent to opening and closing 20 times a day for 20 years.


Investing in the SINGLE AXES GATE will save you money on repairs and replacements compared to traditional metal and PU safety gates. 

Easy installation

The hinge block can be pre-assembled for left or right opening, secured with 2 bolts (plus optional round tube or I-profile adapters). Then insert the gate spindle and close with the cover.

  • No need for multiple tools: This facilitates easy, fast and safe installation at considerable heights.
  • Bi-directional opening: Experience the ultimate in convenience and flexibility with our SINGLE AXES GATE, designed to open seamlessly in both directions while providing an impressive 120° turning circle. Whether it’s installed to open to the left or right, the gate provides effortless access while ensuring safety.
  • The SINGLE AXES GATE is delivered according to the requested dimensions, but if necessary, the gate can always be shortened by simply cutting it on site.

Optimal visibility

The polymer used is coloured through the core in an eye-catching yellow RAL 1003 (signal yellow). This striking colour makes it easy to find the exit in case of an emergency. A sign for further guidance can be easily mounted by drilling holes in pre-marked positions.

No sharp edges - finger safe

The SINGLE AXES GATE features rounded elements meticulously designed to prevent clothing or limbs from getting caught, ensuring a finger-safe experience. Say goodbye to worries about accidental entrapment or injury as our gate prioritises your wellbeing at every turn.

Extensively tested and approved

The SINGLE AXES GATE with an opening of up to 870 mm complies with the EN14122-3 safety standard chapter 8.2 (tested for strength and TÜV certified, certificate available on request). The Single Axes Gate does not comply with EN14122-3 chapter 7.1.4. due to the absence of a knee rail.

Render of a yellow Boplan SINGLE AXES GATE combined with the Boplan FLEX IMPACT® HP PLUS

Our testing specifications

  • Static test
    • DIN & ISO 14122-3 chapter 8.2 (tested on strength) 
    • TÜV certified 
    • OSHA 1910-1910.29 (tested on strength)
  • Fire retardant: UL94 Flammability test: V0 and glow wire test according to IEC 60695-2-13 
  • Fully chemical and UV resistant: F1 (UL746C) 
  • Accelerated weathering: ICO 4892-3 cycle 4
  • Natural weathering (maritime applications)
Render of a yellow Boplan SINGLE AXES GATE
Boplan SINGLE AXES GATE in a live setting - Safety gate

Applications and typical environments

  • Restrict access to machinery and hazardous zones

  • For ground level use only

  • Integration with existing handrail systems such as Boplan’s Flex Impact® range

  • Extremely saline environments such as drilling platforms

  • Chemical industries near corrosive, chemical substances

  • Transport and logistics centers

  • Warehouses and storage facilities

Accessories for the SINGLE AXES GATE

Safety knob 
(black rubber)

Magnetic locking system

Optional adapters for mounting

Overview of optional accessories for the Boplan SINGLE AXES GATE