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Impact resistance
Protect machinery, equipment and infrastructure from forklifts

The BO200F's strength and shock-resistant flexibility make it the most effective solution to protect doors, entrances, corners and machinery from impacts up to 16 kJ. The BO200F is made of Extrilene®, a high-quality polymer that resists repeated impacts. The bollard flexes with each impact but returns to its original shape when the vehicle bounces back. This means that no repairs are necessary after a crash.

Render of a yellow BO200F - Bollard on a white background
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO200F in a live setting - Bollard
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO200F in a live setting - Bollard
  • Render of a yellow BO200F - Bollard on a white background
  • Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO200F in a live setting - Bollard
  • Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO200F in a live setting - Bollard

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Render of a Boplan BO200F base plate

Stronger than ever

A revolutionary base plate

The BO200F contains Extrilene® tubes of various lengths bolted to the base plate. The composition of multiple tubes makes the entire structure incredibly strong, as it spreads the impact of a collision over a larger surface area. 

The Base Defender protects the screws that anchor the round base plate to the floor. This recyclable rubber sleeve makes it physically impossible to drive across the base plate and damage the screws. The Base Defender is wider than the bollard. This creates a free space that prevents trapped fingers. For a more finished look, you can cover the Base Defender with an optional Base Shield. This offers additional protection against ground-level impacts and hygienic protection against dirt and dust.

Render of a set of Boplan BO200F bollards in different colour options

Available in bold colours

Flexible bollards

The BO200F bollards are available in a wide range of bold colours and patterns that make them clearly visible in any situation. 

Smart accessories that make a difference

Boplan® SignMark 200

Convey the right message in the right place with the optional SignMark 200: one way traffic, speed limits, mandatory safety equipment, special warnings, etc. The SignMark 200 is a perfect fit for the BO200F and can be easily replaced with one click.

Rotor Sleeve

When a vehicle collides with a BO200F, the Rotor Sleeve will spin to deflect the impact. This means the bollard does not have to absorb the full force of the impact, which limits the damage to your vehicle. This is certainly an advantage in areas with a high risk of collision.

Base Shield

The Base Shield protects the Base Defender and base plate from ground-level impacts and provides hygienic protection from dirt and dust. It also looks fantastic.



Both strong and sustainable

100% recyclable

When you choose Boplan, you can be sure you are not just investing in safety; you are contributing to a greener future as well, as we design our products to be sustainable, repairable and recyclable.

MAKE – We recycle 89% of our industrial waste. This prevents 344 tonnes of CO2 per year being emitted by the manufacture of new material.

MAINTAIN – When used correctly, our BO200F will last much longer than you will ever need it.

REPAIR – Thanks to the BO200F's modular design, you only need to replace the damaged parts.

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REUSE – The BO200F can be used again and again, as it is easy to (dis)assemble.

RETURN – Contact us to discuss the return options.

RECYCLE – Our BO200F can be disassembled without special equipment and can be fully processed into existing recycling streams.