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Impact resistance
Protect infrastructure and equipment against electric vehicles

The BO145L EV is a flexible bollard that protects charging stations from collisions with vehicles. Protecting charging stations from collisions is not only smart but also necessary to ensure their safety and reliability. This polymer bollard is flexible and returns to its original shape after a collision. It has no visible fixings as it is installed in concrete by means of a rubber sleeve. The hole for the bollard is made when pouring the concrete (prefabricated or on site) or afterwards. A ring on the ground seals the gap between the base and the bollard. The BO145L EV prevents damage to vehicles and is UV-resistant, durable, and easy to install.

Render of a black BO 145L EV - Bollard on a white background
  • Render of a black BO 145L EV - Bollard on a white background


Impact resistance
Indoor use
Outdoor use
Impact zone
Dimension post
145 mm
Standard fixation
No fixations required

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Render of BO 145L EV in different colours - Bollard on a white background

Available in vivid colours

Flexible bollards to protect charging stations

The BO145L EV bollards are available in a range of eye-catching colours, making them visible in any situation. They stand out even more with a reflective strip in yellow, white, or black.

Render of a BO 145L EV with its accessories

Forget about steel

The polymer BO145L EV bollard absorbs the impact and protects the charging station thanks to its flexibility. After a collision, it returns to its original shape. A steel bollard, on the other hand, is already damaged after one collision and needs to be replaced. In addition, a steel bollard causes additional damage. Not just to the ground it stands on, but especially to the vehicle. So, if you want to avoid problems with the vehicle owner, choose a polymer bollard.

Optional accessories for the BO145L EV

Cable hook

The cable hook allows users to hang up their charging cable, preventing it from getting dirty or wet.

Signmark 150

The BO145L EV fits a SignMark warning sign with a diameter of 150 mm.