Pedestrian guidance and protection in the Velux production hall

Protect people against forklifts

Because of the different traffic flows in its production warehouse, Velux needed safety solutions to segregate pedestrians from forklift traffic. Boplan installed handrails and safety gates.

Yellow Boplan HD LIGHT and DOUBLE AXES GATE in Velux factory


Velux wanted to redesign the various traffic flows in its production warehouse for more efficiency, clarity and safety. We documented their pedestrian and traffic flows. This revealed that pedestrians were vulnerable in open spaces and when they entered the production area. To prevent accidents, it was necessary to segregate the walkways and make pedestrians aware of the risks. We therefore recommended floor marking tape in combination with handrails with special gates allowing people to enter and leave the protected area. In areas with heavy forklift traffic, we suggested adding kick rails under the handrails. 

Logo of Velux as a Boplan reference

“Our employees are very satisfied with the Boplan safety solutions. They have made us feel safer and more confident at work. They also look great. They are a perfect match for our modern production space.” 




We installed metres and metres of handrails to safely guide pedestrians through the Velux production centre. The yellow HD LIGHT provides clear signs, demarcates walkways and brings structure and order to the site. The double handrail is not easy to step over and forces pedestrians to follow the walkway. In addition, the handrail prevents them from simply joining the vehicle area when they enter the production site or go down the stairs. 


Our innovative safety gates make it easy and safe to enter and exit pedestrian pathways. The Double Axes Gate is easy to use, swings open on one side and closes automatically. This encloses the area permanently and makes people more vigilant when they leave the pedestrian zone. 




We installed the FLIP PLUS in high-traffic forklift areas with two objectives. Firstly, the handrails guide pedestrians along a pathway that is reserved for them. And secondly, the kick rails stop any forklifts to prevent them from hitting any pedestrians at ground level. 




Logo of Velux as a Boplan reference

We were looking for high-quality safety equipment to protect the pedestrians at our modern production site. Boplan polymer solutions have made our pedestrians feel safer and have clarified the layout of our production centre.

Velux building

About Velux

Velux is a Danish company that manufactures roof windows and related products and is part of VKR Holding. It has since grown into an international company with production facilities in more than 11 countries. Their range includes roof windows, daylight systems, modular skylights, ... For one of their production sites in Poland, they were looking for the best safety solutions to separate and guide pedestrian flows. They called on Boplan's safety expertise.

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