Bee-coloured safety solutions for new distribution centre of ICKO, the world's largest supplier of beekeeping supplies

Protection of people, goods and infrastructure at a new warehouse and distribution centre

ICKO was looking for safety solutions to protect the infrastructure, goods and people of its new warehouse and distribution centre. Boplan installed safety barriers, wheel stops and column protection.


As a fast-growing company, ICKO invested in a new warehouse and distribution centre for its beekeeping products. To protect pedestrians, the new infrastructure and the building itself, ICKO was looking for a one-stop-shop for safety products that are suitable for warehouses and distribution centres. ICKO set the following safety solution requirements: they had to be striking, durable and highly efficient.

Yellow Boplan BO IMPACT in Icko warehouse
Logo of Nicoll as a Boplan reference

We like that the safety solutions have the same striking colours as bees. Although all products have an excellent finish, the KP Protector really stands out visually. We think it's a great product, both functionally and in terms of design.

ICKO Apiculture

Our safety solutions


The TB 260 PLUS safety barriers prevents pedestrian collisions caused by forklift traffic. The low tube prevents pallets or goods from sliding under the barrier, while the double handrails guide pedestrians and provide them with additional safety.


Bollards protect critical points from collisions. They increase visibility, making forklift drivers more aware of protruding corners at gates, for example. And even if they collide with our bollard, no damage occurs, it returns to its original condition.

KP Protector

The KP PROTECTOR column protection is an essential safety feature. If a forklift collides with a pillar or column, it can cause serious damage and affect the stability of the building. The round KP PROTECTOR is easy to apply and, like the other FLEX IMPACT® products, it is extremely impact resistant. Not only is the product functional, but ICKO is also a fan of the design.

Logo of Nicoll as a Boplan reference

We chose polymer safety barriers because of their durability and modular components. Unlike steel safety structures, they do not have to be replaced after impact, as they return to their original state. The protection is easily adaptable, so it will be quick and easy to expand in the future.

ICKO Apiculture
Icko building

About ICKO Apiculture

"Ever since 1947, ICKO Apiculture has set the standard in beekeeping, and it is now the European leader in the distribution of beekeeping equipment. ICKO was looking for suitable safety products to protect the pedestrians, goods and infrastructure of its new company site. Boplan installed column protection, wheel stops and other types of safety barriers. These safety products have met all expectations: employees can work in the protected areas with complete peace of mind, and the infrastructure of the new warehouse and distribution centre is also optimally protected.

Do you want to make your workplace safer as well?

Logo of Nicoll as a Boplan reference

Our collaboration with Boplan has been first class. We could count on fast deliveries, a smooth installation and excellent follow-up from our Boplan contact. Our site is now significantly safer. I particularly love that the barriers are available in typical bee colours. We couldn't be more satisfied as a customer!

ICKO Apiculture