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    Protective bumpers for uneven or smooth surfaces


    Avoid loose protective strips with TEDDY PRO SSB. These protective bumpers with a stainless steel base (SSB) are suitable for installation on damp, oil-soaked, brick, wood or uneven surfaces. With TEDDY PRO SSB you not only avoid injuries to your employees; you also keep the infrastructure and your products dent-free and scratch-free.

    TEDDY PRO SSB is available in 3 models. With TEDDY PRO SSB FL40 you protect walls against impacts or collisions by, for example, carts or trolleys. In addition, there are 2 variants for different angles: TEDDY PRO SSB AR25 (round model) and TEDDY PRO SSB EV19 (triangular model) to be placed on a corner or sharp edge.

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    TEDDY PRO SSB protective bumpers, with pre-assembled stainless steel base, can withstand temperatures of -40 °C up to +100 °C and can be easily and permanently applied to uneven or smooth structures. Stainless steel screws and plugs are supplied as standard and surface preparation is not necessary.

    With their black-and-yellow pattern, these protective bumpers immediately catch the eye, thereby avoiding confrontations. TEDDY PRO SSB is available per piece on a length of 1 metre.

    TEDDY PRO SSB significantly reduces the risk of injuries or scratches and dents, which has a positive effect on the working atmosphere.

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