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PL Kick

  • Protect skirting boards and walls from vehicle collisions

    PL Kick

    The PL Kick is specifically designed to absorb impacts that take place low to the ground. The rectangular-shaped design is ideal for protecting skirting boards and walls from low impact collisions in high-traffic zones such as car parks, construction halls and warehouses . The PL Kick can be combined with most of our traffic barrier systems for a full safety solution.

    Wheel stoppers or wheel guides for rolling stock

    The PL Kick is installed low to the ground so is perfect as a wheel stopper or wheel guide for pallet trucks or trolleys. The PL Kick is made from synthetic material and is available in a variety of colours to fit your business. This kick rail is easy to install and is a cost-effective way to prevent rolling stock from colliding with machinery, people, stored goods or infrastructure.

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    Flex Impact PL Kick
  • Optional PL Kick

    PL Kick

    Our HP Handrails are available with the additional option of our PL Kick protection at ground level. The PL Kick is specially designed for low impact protection. It will prevent items from rolling underneath your handrails into traffic or pedestrian walkways and causing a safety hazard. The PL Kick is made from a thick-walled impact resistant polymer that is shock absorbent, strong and resistant to damage. If you would prefer the PL Kick in an alternative colour then this can be arranged, depending on the quantity of your order.

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    Optional PL Kick
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