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Soft Column Cover

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    Protects infrastructure and people against lighter impacts

    Soft Column Cover

    The BOPLAN® SOFT COLUMN COVER with its 50 mm thick impact-absorbing foam layer is designed to protect columns against impacts from lighter traffic and to prevent people from being injured by sharp edges of steel columns or other hard metal pillars.

    With a height of 1800 mm and a striking yellow color, the SOFT COLUMN COVER guarantees optimal visibility. Installation is quick and easy with Velcro® strips. The water and UV resistant, hard-wearing PVC covering is easy to clean. In addition, 3 different diameters are available for a perfect fit.

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    Choice of 3 different diameters for a tight fit

    Soft Column Cover


    • 50 mm thick foam layer absorbs impact
    • Highly visible due to contrasting color and height (1800 mm)
    • Choice of 3 different diameters for a tight fit
    • Easy to install and remove with Velcro® strips
    • Water and UV resistant
    • Easy to clean
    • Long-lasting and hard-wearing
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    Applications & typical environments

    Soft Column Cover

    • Protection of people and columns
    • Car park buildings
    • Commercial real estate
    • Distribution centers
    • Industrial real estate
    • Logistics, supply chain and material handling industries
    • (Petro-)chemical plants
    • Transport and logistics centers
    • Warehouses and storage facilities
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