Flex Impact Handrail HD Light
A lightweight polymer Handrail to guide pedestrians

The HD Light is the perfect handrail for guiding pedestrians and separating them from light traffic.

Flex Impact Handrail HD Mezza
Balustrade for pedestrians on mezzanine, floors and heights

The TD Mezza is an excellent choice when you are looking for a handrail for fall protection.

FE FEnce
Cost-efficient machine guarding and protection for pedestrians

Keep fingers and hands safe from machinery with the FE Fence. The FE fence is designed to protect pedestrians from machinery by creating a physical barrier between them and your equipment.

  • HP Plus Ice Flex
Flex Impact Handrail HP Plus
Fortified pedestrian barriers in zones where a great deal of manoeuvering takes place in traffic zones

The HP Plus handrails are the strongest version of the FLEX IMPACT ® handrails.

HP Grill

Protection against falling goods

HT Tunnel Wall Fix
Protect pedestrian walkways from falling products

The HT Tunnel wall fix is very similar to the free standing version but is connected to a wall on one side. It is the ideal solution for pedestrian walkways that run alongside a wall.

HT Tunnel Free Standing
Protect pedestrian walkways from falling products and stacked goods

The HT Tunnel free standing is designed to protect pedestrian walkways and is ideal for creating a safe passage between stacked goods.

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  • Handrails

    Luminescent handrails leading to emergency exits in the darkness

    Our synthetic handrails and balustrades are also available in a glow in the dark look. These unique handrails have been provided with a luminescent stripe that absorbs the light during the day. When darkness falls at night or during a power failure, these luminescent balustrades will release the absorbed light gradually. This luminescence will bridge the gap between light and dark for a period of about 4 hours, which should be ample time to find your way to the emergency exit or aisles again.

    Boplan Flex Impact handrail glow in the dark