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  • Flex Impact®

    Modular safety barriers made from flexible polymer

    With FLEX IMPACT®, we provide industrial-grade fall and impact protection manufactured from thick-walled, reinforced plastic elements. In contrast to the classic iron and steel systems used for crash protection, FLEX IMPACT® provides increased impact resistance, even at high collision speeds. At the slightest impact, these security elements will bend and then take on their original shape again.

    Flexible, durable and eco-friendly crash protection

    FLEX IMPACT® is a series of flexible crash protection systems that return to their original shape and appearance after impact. After a collision, no repairs are needed and there is no need for installing new components again. In addition, the elements will not have been ripped out of their anchor points during collision, leaving the concrete floor intact. The materials are light and easily transportable and need no treatment or painting. In short, our FLEX IMPACT® security systems provide durable, eco-friendly protection for people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructures.

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