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Boplan placed traffic barriers for impact protection of conveyors, pedestrians, machinery, etc.

Products used
SG Swing Gate

Safety gates with a self-closing sideways swing gate

The SG Swing Gate is a safety gate that you can swing open on both sides. It is quite common to carelessly leave open gates and access ways to hallways and machine rooms.

Safety barrier in flexible polymer TB 400 Plus, TB 400 Plus, TB 400 Plus, , , , , , , , , , ,

A strong guardrail protecting people against forklift impacts

The FLEX IMPACT® TB Plus polymer guardrail is a hybrid between our TB 400 single-tube guardail and our HP Plus handrail.

Flex Impact Goal Post

Flexible height limiter and protective portal to protect crash damage in elevated places

The Goal Post within the FLEX IMPACT® array is a flexible height limiter which protects your high gates, canopies and bridges from collisions with high vehicles, such as elevated work platforms

Flex Impact Column Protection KP Universal

Modular and universal protection of large columns and beams

With its modular fence-shaped structure, the CP Universal has been specifically designed to protect masts, load-bearing pillars and columns of extraordinary sizes from collisions.

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