Machines, factory and production halls

Protecting people

Automobile manufacturer

Boplan protects people, property & facilities at Audi manufacturing plants with a range of traffic barriers
Protection of facilities

Machine Manufacturer

Boplan placed traffic barriers for impact protection of conveyors, pedestrians, machinery, etc.
Protecting people and machinery

world's leading integrated steel and mining company

Heavy duty safety barriers were required at the Arcelor Mittal plants to safeguard machinery. Pedestrians needed protection as well from workplace traffic. Physically separating people from traffic is one of Boplans main goals in every work environment.
Pedestrian walkways protection

Producer of healthcare products

For Kimberly Clark we installed pedestrian impact barriers and handrails across all facilities Safeguarding their staff and vechicles from accidents.
Physical segregation of traffic and pedestrian zones

Storage of construction equipment

For this huge hardware chain in Chile, Boplan has placed physicial barriers, segregating people and traffic in the workplace.