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Impact resistance
Protect machinery, equipment, and infrastructure from forklifts

With its impact resistance of 10,200 joules, the BO200R bollard is right in the middle of our FLEX IMPACT® product range. This bollard is a highly effective solution for protecting doors, entrances, corners, and machines. The BO200R is made of Extrilene®, a high-quality polymer capable of resisting repeated impacts. The deformation caused by a collision disappears when the vehicle recoils. This means that no repairs are necessary after a collision.

Render of a yellow BO200R - Bollard on a white background
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO200R in a live setting - Bollard
Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO200R in a live setting - Bollard
  • Render of a yellow BO200R - Bollard on a white background
  • Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO200R in a live setting - Bollard
  • Boplan FLEX IMPACT® BO200R in a live setting - Bollard
Render of a Boplan BO200R base plate

Revolutionary base plate

The BO200R has an optimized base plate with a crown structure that increases impact resistance. The Base Defender protects the screws anchoring the round base plate to the ground. This recyclable rubber sleeve makes it physically impossible to drive over the base plate and damage the screws. The Base Defender is wider than the bollard. This creates a free space that prevents fingers from being pinched. For a more finished look, cover the Base Defender with the Base Shield (optional). The Base Shield offers additional impact protection against ground-level collisions as well as hygienic protection against dirt and dust.

Stronger than ever before

The BO200R contains Extrilene® tubes of different lengths which are bolted to the base plate. This multi-tube design strengthens the entire structure by spreading the impact of a collision over a larger area.

Render of the inside of a Boplan BO200R
Render of a set of Boplan BO200R bollards in different color options

Available in vivid colors

Flexible bollards

The BO200R bollards are available in eye-catching colors and patterns, making them highly visible in any situation.

Render of a Boplan BO200R bollard combined with handrails

User-friendly, modular design

The BO200R bollard is easy to combine with other FLEX IMPACT® safety products, enabling you to create numerous configurations. No screws or bolts are needed to connect these products together, meaning that the different elements have some freedom of movement. An overly rigid locking mechanism would increase the risk of breakage in the event of an impact.

Smart accessories that make a difference

Boplan SignMark 200

Convey the right message in the right place with the optional SignMark 200: one-way traffic, speed limits, mandatory safety equipment, special warnings, etc. The SignMark 200 fits perfectly onto the BO200R and can be easily replaced with one click.

Rotor Sleeve

When a vehicle collides with the BO200R, the Rotor Sleeve rotates to deflect the impact. This means that the bollard does not have to absorb the full force of the impact, limiting the damage to the vehicle.


Base Shield

The Base Shield protects the Base Defender and base plate from ground-level collisions and provides hygienic protection against dirt and dust. It also looks fantastic.



Not just strong, but also durable

100% recyclable

When you choose Boplan, you can be sure that you are not only investing in safety, you are also helping to create a greener future, as we design our products to be sustainable, repairable, and recyclable.

MAKE - We already recycle 89% of our industrial waste. Every additional ton of polymer recycled prevents the emission of 344 tons of CO² per year.

MAINTAIN - When used correctly, our BO200R lasts much longer than will you need it.

REPAIR - Thanks to the modular design of the BO200R, you only need to replace the damaged parts.

REUSE - The BO200R can be used again and again, as it is easy to (dis)assemble.

RETURN - Contact us to discuss return options.

RECYCLE - Our BO200R can be disassembled without special equipment, then fully processed in existing recycling streams.