Safe pedestrian walkways in the Schneider Electric production hall

Safe segregation of pedestrian zones

A Schneider Electric company site wanted to demarcate its pedestrian zones and walkways to optimise traffic flow. Boplan installed some yellow handrails with luminescent strips and safety gates.


People did not follow the rules for safe pedestrian traffic in the production hall of Schneider Electric Carros. All too often, they took shortcuts, making their way through the hall by taking the shortest route and skimming past machines. Unauthorised people also entered certain areas due to a lack of physical security. Schneider Electric wanted to put an end to this and avoid future accidents by ensuring optimal safety when its staff and visitors moved around the plant ... Even in the dark.

Yellow Boplan HP PLUS in Schneider warehouse



Based on a risk and needs analysis, Boplan suggested the most suitable products to create a safe walkway in Schneider Electric's production environment.

  • The HP PLUS safety gate is the strongest in the FLEX IMPACT® hand rail series. The third horizontal rail and heavier posts make this the perfect solution for shielding pedestrians in high-traffic areas with working machines. It also forces people to follow the safe walkway.
Yellow Boplan SG SWING GATE and HP PLUS in Schneider warehouse

Swing Gate


To leave the pedestrian zone or walkway, people have to open the SWING GATE. This safety gate is a perfect match for the FLEX IMPACT® handrails. The SWING GATE opens in both directions and closes automatically. This permanently secures the area against people in transit.

  • The HP PLUS and the SWING GATE were the perfect combination to create segregated walkways at Schneider Electric.
Logo of Schneider as a Boplan reference

We wanted to better highlight the walkways and maximise pedestrian flow. Boplan had the best innovative safety solution. The luminescent strips on the handrails also make them highly visible in the dark. This is a great benefit for the safety and efficiency of our traffic flows.

Schneider Electric


The walkways in the production environment are now completely clear and physically segregated. The handrails and safety gates show people that they can't simply enter certain areas. They also provide safe guidance to people moving around the warehouse. Movements are now much safer and far more efficient, which was Schneider Electric's original objective.

Schneider building

About Schneider Electric

The Schneider Electric industrial site in Carros near Nice, France employs no less than 2,000 people. 11,000 m² of its 20,000 m² surface area is used to manufacture industrial process control equipment and circuit boards. The company has a strong commitment to safety and innovation, which is one of the reasons why its partnership with Boplan works so well.

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